Traditional Chinese medicine big opportunity for Croatia
Traditional Chinese medicine big opportunity for Croatia
Author: CSEBA / SEEbiz
11th November 2019
ZAGREB - It was great to see the atmosphere at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb today.

The SEE TCM Summit brought together about two hundred guests. Almost a hundred Chinese doctors, along with guests from Germany and Slovenia, have come together to launch a complex venture on the education of traditional Chinese medicine, of which relatively little is known in Croatia.

Assistant Secretary General of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Associations Chen Lixin sees Croatia as a logical place for TCM development in Europe.

- The favorable climatic conditions and geographical position of Croatia open to us numerous opportunities that will surely attract many Chinese investors to Croatia in the health sector, said Chen Lixin.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Zeljko Plazonic, also says that he is personally inclined towards TCM methods.

- The Ministry of Health will be your partner in everything you want to do in Croatia. We will speed up the work on the legislation so that we can complete all that traditional Chinese medicine has to offer to Croatia.

Željka Žnidarić, a delegate from the Krapina-Zagorje County Mayor, says it is logical that Croatian Zagorje was recognized by Chinese investors.

- We have something to offer both Chinese investors and everyone else. We are glad that TCM practice in Croatia will start in Krapinske Toplice, said Žnidari.

Mario Rendulic, President of the CSEBA Presidency, recalled how much his association has done to bring Croatia and China closer.

- The road was thorny, we can still say that we don't know too much about each other, but we are learning fast. Traditional Chinese medicine can be a great link between the two cultures, Rendulic said.

The general manager of the German TCM Clinic Bad Kötzting Clinic and one of the pioneers of traditional Chinese medicine in Europe, Anton Staudinger, explained how the story with TCM succeeded in Germany.

- There was a lot of skepticism at the beginning, and now we see that the costs of the health care system have been significantly reduced in our region precisely thanks to TCM methods, Staudinger said.

Anita Miskovic from FizioVita introduced her company that will be the leader of the TCM project in Croatia.

- We see the need for education in the context of TCM, but also opportunities in health tourism and private practice, said Mišković.

Vlasta Brozicevic from Terme Selce expressed her delight with what she saw at today's conference.

- We see numerous synergies between what we do and what TCM can provide us in a unique location in Selce.

The summit was organized by the Chinese Southeast European Business Association (CSEBA) in collaboration with the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) and Z-Run Wellton Industry. All participants are unique in their assessment - the summit fulfilled its goal of promoting international cooperation and the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Southeast Europe

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