Chinese investors want Zadar and Rijeka port
Author: CSEBA / SEEbiz
8th June 2018
NINGBO - Croatia is interested in establishing a direct airline to China, and the Chinese side, along the Peljesac Bridge, expresses interest in Zadar and Rijeka port, said state secretary at the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Mihotić.

At the fourth ministerial meeting of China and 16 countries of central and eastern Europe (CEEC), held on Thursday in Chinese city Ningbou, emphasis was placed on direct cooperation with China, Mihotić said in a conversation with Hino after that meeting.

"At the moment, this cooperation is related to several projects - first of all here is Peljesac Bridge, where for the first time a Chinese commission received a project funded by EU funds for the first time," he said.

In his words, China has been given the opportunity to gain access to the EU market for realization and other major infrastructure projects, which will in the future be largely financed from EU funds.

"We expect 70 days after the signing of the contract they come to the construction site and start work," Mihotić emphasized.

The contract for the construction of the mainland Pelješac bridge with access roads, worth HRK 2.08 billion (excluding VAT), was signed on April 23 between representatives of the Croatian Roads and the China Consortium of China Road and Bridge Corporation and 85 percent of the eligible costs are financed from EU funds

Mihotic emphasized that the Chinese side is also interested in entering the co-ownership of Zadar Port.

"Zadar will sign a contract in coming days with Chinese co-owner partners. For Chinese, Zadar will be a logistics point to expand its trade not only to the Croatian but also to the European market," Mihotić said.

Chinese investors plan to enter Zadar's port and invest 215 million kuna in the first phase.

The interest of China is also expressed for the Port of Rijeka, says Mihotić.

"We have announced that soon there will be a tender for the terminal in Rijeka, which will be able to take over the concession, and certainly the Chinese companies will be interested," says Mihotić, and states that they were inquiring about it at the largest Chinese port, Ningbo .

He added that Croatia expressed interest in establishing a direct aviation connection with China, which would contribute to increasing tourist arrivals to Croatia from this huge market. "And other countries in Central and Eastern Europe have shown interest in it, and we are looking forward to seeing what companies are interested in doing so," he said.

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