Fortune 500 – Biggest Chinese companies in 2018
31st July 2018
BEIJING - Fortune China and China International Capital Corporation Wealth Management compiled the list of the top 500 Chinese companies in 2018. They had a combined revenue of almost USD 6 trillion, and USD 500 billion in profits in 2017.

List of top 12 Chinese companies by revenue in 2017:


1 - State Grid: China’s state-owned power company supplies power to 1.1 billion people, covering 88% of the most populous nation’s terrain. The world’s largest utility also owns and operates a growing portfolio of assets around the world, from Australia to Italy to Brazil, and is pursuing clean energy investments around the world. It employees 913,500 people.

Fortune 500 Rank: 2               Revenues: USD348.9bil.         Profits: USD9.5bil.

2 - Sinopec Group: The state-owned Chinese oil and gas company formally known as China Petroleum and Chemical, Sinopec become the third largest company in the world by riding its home country’s explosive growth and pursuing its international ambitions, especially in Africa. It is the world's largest oil refining, gas and petrochemical conglomerate. 

Fortune 500 Rank: 3               Revenues: USD326.9bil.         Profits: USD1.5bil.

 3 - China National Petroleum: China’s state-owned energy company, China National Petroleum, explores, refines and sells crude oil and natural gas, in addition to manufacturing equipment and offering oil field services. Most of international operations are spread around the Middle East, Russia and Kazakhstan. It employees 1.5 million people.    

Fortune 500 Rank: 4               Revenues: USD326.0bil.         Profits: -USD0.7bil.

 4 – China State Construction Engineering: China’s state-owned and largest construction company in the world. It made numerous large-scale construction projects all over the world, in China, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia: mosques, airports, bridges, highways, railroads, skyscrapers, stadiums, etc.

Fortune 500 Rank: 23             Revenues: USD156.1bil.         Profits: USD2.7bil.


5 - Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC): Chinese multinational banking company, largest bank in China and the largest bank in the world by total assets. It is one of China's "Big Four" state-owned commercial banks (the other three being the Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and China Construction Bank).

Fortune 500 Rank: 26             Revenues: USD153.0bil.         Profits: USD42.3bil.


6 – Ping An Insurance: Chinese holding conglomerate whose subsidiaries mainly deal with insurance, banking, and financial services. It is the world's largest and most valuable insurer, and also one of the world's biggest investment and asset management company. Very diversified firm that’s been buying stakes in many kinds of businesses.

Fortune 500 Rank: 29             Revenues: USD144.2bil.         Profits: USD13.2bil.

 7 - China Construction Bank: One of the "big four" banks in the People's Republic of China. It has almost 14,000 domestic branches and overseas branches in Spain, the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, the USA, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia and Malaysia.

Fortune 500 Rank: 31             Revenues: USD138.6bil.         Profits: USD35.8bil.

 8 - SAIC Motor: Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) is a Chinese state-owned automotive design and manufacturing company and one of the "Big Four" state-owned Chinese automakers (along with Chang'an Motors, FAW Group, and Dongfeng Motor). In several big joint-ventures with famous car-makers including Volkswagen and General Motors. Two notable brands owned by SAIC are MG and Roewe.

Fortune 500 Rank: 36             Revenues: USD128.8bil.         Profits: USD5.1bil.

 9 - Agricultural Bank of China: Chinese state-owned banking giant, the Agricultural Bank of China has a focus on the country’s rural population. Its loans to rural households rose 53% to USD 30.8 billion in the last five years. It has over 24,000 branches domestically, and international ones in London, Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, Singapore and HK.

Fortune 500 Rank: 40             Revenues: USD122.4bil.         Profits: USD28.6bil.

 10 - China Life Insurance: Beijing-based company that provides life insurance and annuity products. It is 70% state-owned, and the biggest life insurer in China. In 2015, it started to invest in foreign real estate and in 2017 it entered tech investments, alongside with Baidu.

Fortune 500 Rank: 42             Revenues: USD120.2bil.         Profits: USD0.3bil.

 11 - Bank of China: The oldest bank in mainland China still in existence, government owned and one of the symbols of PR China. It is the most globally-active of China's banks, that operates on all continents in 27 countries including Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Hungary, the USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc.

Fortune 500 Rank: 46             Revenues: USD115.4bil.         Profits: USD25.5bil.

 12 - China Mobile: Chinese state-owned telecommunication corporation that provides mobile voice and multimedia services through its nationwide mobile telecommunications network across mainland China. China Mobile is the world's largest mobile phone operator by total number of subscribers, with over 902 million subscribers as of June 2018.

Fortune 500 Rank: 53             Revenues: USD110.2bil.         Profits: USD10.9bil.








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