Rendulić called on Chinese investors to invest in green Croatian projects
Author: CSEBA / SEEbiz
20th October 2023

The President of the Presidency of CSEBA Mario Rendulić participated in the forum "Cooperation for new development opportunities - encouraging mutual understanding between people of all nations".

Rendulić presented new opportunities that Croatia is actively exploring and developing.

- Croatia, a nation that values peace, celebrates sport, accepts art, nurtures innovation and supports the harmonious coexistence of people and nature, is at the forefront of a transformative journey. Although we accept the benefits brought by technological progress, we remain well aware that the progress of civilization must not come at the expense of environmental degradation and excessive energy consumption. This is an area in which we are devotedly focused, said Rendulić.

Within the special economic zone of Croatia, we are establishing a green and sustainable industrial park, with special emphasis on green construction, new energy solutions, eco-friendly shipping and sustainable agriculture. We are also laying the foundations for a comprehensive supply system for green energy products. In this effort, we have established strategic partnerships with respected organizations such as EUREKA INVESTMENT GROUP (Singapore), CCCC Energy Transportation (European branch of China Communications Construction Company), Tehnika d.d., China GeneralConsulting & Investment Co., ltd., China Construction Third Engineering Bureau and several others. Together, we are committed to driving the development of green and low-carbon industries.

- Our vision encompasses the integration of the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development into every aspect of construction and work. We plan to establish a superior green smart grid, promote the use of clean fuels, improve multimodal ecological logistics and significantly expand renewable energy sources. Our ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality. We firmly believe that these measures will serve as powerful catalysts, not only for Croatia but also for the entire Eurasian continent, inspiring a green and low-carbon economic transformation.

Government bodies, industry associations, chambers of commerce and leading companies have the opportunity to launch initiatives that span the entire industry ecosystem.

This collaborative approach offers a number of advantages compared to the efforts of individual companies.
Collective initiatives facilitate effective communication between upstream and downstream companies,
enabling them to identify common goals and synergies. Government leadership can provide key policy support for companies going abroad, mitigating investment risks and ensuring a stable environment. Chambers of Commerce can offer vital information services, increasing the effectiveness of international expansion. Our Special Economic Zone can provide tailor-made planning for industrial clusters, enabling a concentrated layout for relevant businesses. This cluster-based development approach encourages collaboration, innovation and shared growth.

He also touched on the complex geopolitical situation in the world.

- Given that we witness terrible events every day, I came across an article about a British historian from the University of Oxford, and he is Petar Frankopan. By the way, he is of Croatian origin, and for the British newspaper The Telegraph he wrote a comprehensive analysis of the events in Israel, and in order to emphasize the criticality of the situation, he compared the events of the past week with the year 1914. At that time, no one believed in escalation, and the events of that time started the whirlwind of the First World War. He described the geopolitical decisions of that time as key changes that turned the hope for peace into war. Everything he described in the report leaves the reader with one question - is the darkness coming again? At the end of the report, he mentioned what we are witnessing, which is the division and isolation of the world, said Rendulić.

Unfortunately for all of us, political and economic fragmentation is occurring in many parts of the world at this time. Perhaps the most significant of them is the strengthening of ideas that are represented in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and the USA, that the world is in transition, that is, that we are entering or have already entered the dark ages and that threats lie around every corner.

At the end, Rendulić expressed the hope that we will create the foundations for a better tomorrow for ourselves and the generations behind us.
In conclusion, he invited everyone present to take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by Croatian green and sustainable development initiatives.

- Let's create resilient partnerships, embrace collective action and unlock the vast potential of a greener, more sustainable future. Together we can shape a world that harmonizes economic progress with care for the environment, concluded Rendulić

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