One of the key CSEBA's goals is to foster an exchange of cultural and artistic creativity in order to improve understanding of cultural heritage, which contributes to better friendly relations of the interested parties while caring for and protecting own traditions and national identity.
As part of a number of events to mark 25 years of diplomatic relations betweeen China and Croatia, a musical event, The Silk Road Festival, was held on Friday night at the magnificent Pula amphitheatre. CSEBA was one of the sponsors of this important musical event.
Some of China's most revered musicians took part along with Croatian cellist Ana Rucner. Chinese Pianist Muye Wu opened festival with an great performance. In recent years, Muye visited the Europe and the United States with the China National Symphony Orchestra, which is directly under the China's Ministry of Culture. After a superb classical solo performance, he was joined by the Croatia celllist Ana Rucner before Ana performed a spectacular and rousing solo.
The concert 'take your ears to travel' leaded by the founder of Chinese music geography, Li Zhihui, who brings you on a mysterious and wonderful journey based on beautiful Chinese landscapes and humanistic culture. Soulful sound of Chinese bamboo flute, western string instruments, Chinese zither and blues harp will lead you from ancient Phoenix to the mysterious Forbidden City, from beautiful dreamlike Tianshan Mountains to Chinese impressionism.
Very interesting performance was one of the Zhihui Li, one of the most famous Chinese New Age musicians.
Haya band had the most impressive performance, according to spectators. All of the musicians with Haya are ethnic Mongolians. In the Mongolian language, haya means 'the edge'. It is a metaphor for the nomadic lifestyle that has become rare today. The band wants their music to appeal to not just Mongolians, but to make world music that is based on Mongolian traditions. The hits Haya performed include Silent Sky and Flying Eagle, which combines traditional Mongolian sounds with other musical elements, especiallycontemporary music.
Chinese Southeast European Business Association in cooperation with Chinese partners is preparing a project for filming a Chinese feature film on locations in Croatia.
The renowned Chinese director Jiang Zhongyuan will direct the film titled 'Summer in Croatia', whilst the main roles will be played by popular Chinese actors Ma Su, Jiang Xīn and Kou Zhenhai. The film is a love story, which, apart from Croatia, will also be filmed in China. The filming is expected to start in the middle of next year.
'This is a great opportunity for Croatia, especially for Croatian tourism. I expect a significant growth in the number of Chinese tourists in Croatia after the realization of this project', commented the president of CSEBA Mario Rendulic.
The main goal of the project is to present Croatia as a top tourist destination. It is also envisaged that the scenario highlights all the aspects that are perceived as comparative advantages of Croatia such as the beauty of the Croatian coast, local tradition and gastronomy.
The potential success of the film is more than guaranteed due to the Wanda Studious Group, which is to be engaged in the distribution of the film across China. The film is expected to be screened at 36 Chinese cinemas, whilst the expected audience is estimated at 13 million viewers.
Last year Chinese cinemas generated total revenue of 45.5 billion Yuan (around 6 billion Euros). The total number of cinema visitors was 1.37 million that made China the Number One in this category leaving behind North America.
Considering the fact that this project is an important opportunity for the promotion of Croatia and its tourist industry, the Ministry of Tourism headed by the Minister Garri Cappelli supported this project.
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