President Xi calls for peace, development, openness, innovation to build high-quality BRICS partnership
Author: Xinhua
24th June 2022
BEIJING, June 23 (Xinhua) - Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted the 14th BRICS Summit via video link on Thursday evening in Beijing, calling on BRICS countries to safeguard world peace and tranquility, boost development, and unleash the potential and vitality of cooperation.
"Standing at the crossroads of history, we should both look back at the journey we have traveled and keep in mind why we established BRICS in the first place, and look forward to a shared future of a more comprehensive, close, practical and inclusive high-quality partnership so as to jointly embark on a new journey of BRICS cooperation," Xi said.


At the summit, Xi called on BRICS countries to uphold solidarity and safeguard world peace and tranquility, saying that it is important that BRICS countries support each other on issues concerning core interests, practice true multilateralism, safeguard justice, fairness and solidarity and reject hegemony, bullying and division.

"This year, we have held the Foreign Ministers' Meeting and the Meeting of High Representatives on National Security, deepened cooperation on counter-terrorism, cybersecurity and other issues, enhanced coordination at the United Nations and other multilateral institutions, and spoke out for justice on the international stage," he said.

He stressed that the Global Security Initiative (GSI), which advocates a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, follows the philosophy that humanity is an indivisible security community, and aims to create a new path to security that features dialogue over confrontation, partnership over alliance and win-win over zero-sum.

"China would like to work with BRICS partners to operationalize the GSI and bring more stability and positive energy to the world," said Xi.


Noting that the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine crisis has resulted in disruptions to global industrial and supply chains, sustained hikes of commodity prices, and weaker international monetary and financial systems, Xi said BRICS countries need to uphold cooperation to boost development and jointly tackle risks and challenges.

"This year, we launched the BRICS Initiative on Enhancing Cooperation on Supply Chains and the Initiative on Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development, adopted the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters and the Strategy on Food Security Cooperation, and held a High-level Meeting on Climate Change for the first time," Xi said, adding that BRICS countries should make good use of these new platforms to boost connectivity of industrial and supply chains and jointly meet challenges in poverty reduction, agriculture, energy, logistics and other fields.

Noting that BRICS countries gather not in a closed club or an exclusive circle, but a big family of mutual support and a partnership for win-win cooperation, Xi said BRICS countries need to uphold openness and inclusiveness and pool collective wisdom and strength.

At the Xiamen Summit in 2017, Xi proposed the "BRICS Plus" cooperation approach. Over the past five years, "BRICS Plus" cooperation has deepened and expanded, setting a prime example of South-South cooperation and seeking strength through unity among emerging markets and developing countries, Xi said.

"This year we, for the first time, invited guest countries to attend the BRICS Foreign Ministers' Meeting. The newly established BRICS Vaccine R&D Center has an unequivocal commitment to openness. Step by step, we have organized a variety of 'BRICS Plus' events in such areas as scientific and technological innovation, people-to-people exchanges and sustainable development. All these provide new platforms for cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries," he added.


"Those who seize the opportunities of the new economy, such as big data and artificial intelligence, are in sync with the pulse of the times," President Xi said, adding that BRICS countries need to uphold the pioneering spirit and innovation and unleash the potential and vitality of cooperation.

He called for improving global science and technology governance and allowing more people to access and benefit from the fruits of scientific and technological advances.

"This year, we have accelerated the building of the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution Innovation Center in Xiamen, hosted the Forum on the Development of Industrial Internet and Digital Manufacturing and the Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development, reached the Digital Economy Partnership Framework, issued the Initiative for Cooperation on Digitalization of Manufacturing, and established a network of technology transfer centers and an aerospace cooperation mechanism," he said.

All these have opened new channels for closer industrial policy coordination between BRICS countries, Xi said.

As representatives of emerging markets and developing countries, Xi called on BRICS countries to make the right decision and take responsible actions at this critical juncture of history, stay united, pool strength and forge ahead to build a community with a shared future for mankind and jointly create a bright future for humanity.
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